Who are God’s Chosen People? An Interview with Michael Coogan

Does God have a chosen people, and does he favor certain societies? Distinguished biblical scholar Michael Coogan considers these questions in his provocative new

How Pope Francis was Selected to Lead the Catholic Church: An Interview with Gerard O’Connell

How Pope Francis was chosen, the problems he inherited from Benedict XVI, and how Francis represents "a number of firsts." The election of Pope

Jaclyn Howell From Rags To Riches

From Riches To Rags: How To Teach Children About The Bible

A New Book Is Designed To Educate Children About How The Bible Applies In Their Daily Lives My name is Jaclyn Howell and I

Sharon Kim

God answers prayers, just not in the way we expect

Featured Contributor Sharon Kim shares a doodle on God's method of answering prayers. Me: “God allow me to be more patient.” Expected Answer: Miraculous

Sharon Kim

Improving Your Mental Health: How to Get Centered

Featured Contributor Sharon Kim shows how to get to the root of negative self talk. Sometimes the key to getting centered is re-evaluating what's

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Let Go of Heavy Expectations to See Where God Leads You

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Considering Interfaith Relations Between Jews, Christians, and Muslims: An Interview with Patrick J. Ryan, S.J.

What binds Jews, Christians, and Muslims together in a family of faith and friendship? Rev. Patrick J. Ryan, S.J. considers this question in his

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The Battle to Give Up Short Term Desires for Long Term Promises

In order to see someone’s true character, you need to see how they live when the lights are off. I honestly think that in

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What the Bible Teaches Us About Networking

In a world filled with hate, division and disconnection, serving astounds the world. College freshmen are lectured about it on their first day of

What Faith In America Means

What Does Faith In America Mean?

Exploring The Connection Between Belief and Patriotism Faith in America. What is that? We are fighting over flags. I’ve been told its irreligious to