Chance the Rapper on Sabbatical to Learn the Word of God

Chance the Rapper Goes on Sabbatical to “Learn the Word of God”

Chance the Rapper describes himself as a Christian rapper. In an Instagram post Chance the Rapper wrote he will be leaving the country on

Switchfoot is Back With A New Message

Switchfoot is Back with a New Message

The band has released a new single called "Native Tongue." Alternative and Christian Rock band Switchfoot has come back after a year hiatus, and

Mormon Tabernacle Changes Name: Mormon Name is Offensive

Mormon Tabernacle Changes Name: Mormon Name is Offensive

The new name of the choir is The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square President Russell M. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of

Aretha Franklin Started with the Gospel, Ended with Soul at Age 76

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, Dies at 76

A soaring soul Aretha Franklin, nicknamed Queen of Soul due to her stirring voice, died from multiple health complications in her Detroit residence. She

How The Beatle’s “Yellow Submarine” Changed Christianity

How The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ Changed Christianity in America

Animated Movie Led To Radical Reinterpretation Of Religion Across The United States The psychedelic 1968 Beatles movie Yellow Submarine has been seen as highly

Why Has Kendrick Lamar Has Been Baptized Twice?

Why Has Kendrick Lamar Been Baptized Twice?

Kendrick Lamar Might Be The Most Christian Rapper Of His Generation Musician Kendrick Lamar is a devout Christian. He has been baptized twice. The

Imagine Dragons Singer Dan Reynolds Want To Change Mormon-LGBTQ Relations

Imagine Dragons Singer Dan Reynolds Wants to Change Mormon-LGBTQ Relations

Dan Reynolds' New Film Believer Will Be Exploring The Topic Dan Reynolds, the frontman of Imagine Dragons, is all set to release his new

This Is What Happens When You Give Awards To Anti-Semitic Rappers

Outrage Over Award Given to German Anti-Semitic Rappers

Music Industry Under Attack After German Rap Duo Wins Awards With References To Holocaust The German music industry is doing some rigorous self-examination after

Justin Bieber's Next Album will be Heavily Influenced by His Faith

Justin Bieber’s Next Album will be Heavily Influenced by His Faith

Justin Bieber is looking for songs of redemption and love. If reports are to be believed, Justin Bieber's upcoming album will be a Christian

Bob Dylan’s Religious Period Explored in New Documentary ‘The Trouble No More’

The film shows one of his best periods The music-loving public has been infuriated by Bob Dylan's twists and turns during his career. There