Sacred Reich Rocks Buddhism

Sacred Reich Rocks Buddhism

Sacred Reich Rocks Buddhism
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New Sacred Reich album “Awakening” is Buddhism-infused heavy metal

Infamous metal band Sacred Reich is surprising fans with the release of its first album in 23 years, and it is an amalgamation of Buddhism and heavy metal[/tweetit]. While it isn’t a new concept, it isn’t a common concept.

Sacred Reich Rocks Buddhism[/tweetthis]

The album titled Awakening may have a ghoulish metal album cover. However, dig a little deeper, and you’ll notice hidden Buddhist deities in the album art.

When vocalist/bassist Phil Rind was asked about the positive, Zen air about him and who or what he attributed it to, Rind replied saying that he attributed it to twenty years of Buddhist practice. He went on to say that before Buddhism, he was a selfish and crappy human being. His calm quality can be attributed to his teachers as well as the time he has spent with them. He clarified that he isn’t trying to push Buddhism on anyone because everyone must find their own thing. However, it’s what has worked for him.

On the topic of President Donald Trump, Rind said that he doesn’t hate Trump. However, he thinks that Trump is an “awful human being.” He added that Trump is an example of what a person’s life becomes when the person is a narcissist and “all that matters is your ego, your pocketbook and [what] you can get out of everything.” Rind said this isn’t the way anybody should be. He added the “Dalai Lama has always said that the best way to cherish yourself is to cherish others.”


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