TX Church Cleared $10Mil in Medical Debt for Veterans

Texas Church Helps Pay Off $10 million Medical Debt for Veterans

Covenant Church in Texas raised $100,000 for RIP Medical Debt[/tweetit], a charity specializing in debt forgiveness resulting in over $10 million worth of medical

Trump Launches His ‘War on Christmas’ in July

The President stresses the role of faith in U.S. politics. President Donald J. Trump brought up Christmas six months ahead of the scheduled celebration.

Josh Morris Veterans

How To Help Veterans Returning Home From War

Military Chaplain Joshua Morris offers suggestions on how to better support veterans returning home from war. As a military chaplain recently returned from Afghanistan,

Atheists and Muslims Want Cross Memorial Taken Down

The Bladensburg Memorial Cross is found Constitutional, but Atheists and Muslims still pushing to have it taken down. The war memorial cross has been

FFRF Dedicates New Monument to Atheist War Veterans

The "Atheists in Foxholes" monument challenges a military cliché. The new headquarters of the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison, WI will see the

Gulf War Illness

Scientology Detox Program Being Tested by U.S. Gov’t on Gulf War Veterans

The U.S. Department of Defense has been conducting a study using Scientology's Purification Rundown to try to determine if it can help Gulf War

15th Ludhiana Infantry Regiment

Sikh World War I Veterans Honored in UK Memorial Service

15th Ludhiana Infantry Regiment re-enactment group in Brighton last year. The Sikh community was recently honored by the UK government in a memorial service