Barkanov Jailed

Man Who Threatened to Kill Scientology Leader Being Held…

An Illinois man has been charged with threatening to shoot Scientology Leader David Miscavige. Andre Barkanov, a 47-year-old Read More

Clemson State

Clemson Football Blurs the Line Between Church and State

Patrick Elliott, the staff attorney of FFRF, has warned of a culture which forcefully injects religion into Clemson Read More

Wheaton College

Wheaton College Will Fire Professor After God Issues

Wheaton moves to fire professor Larycia Hawkins over talk on Islam. Larycia Hawkins, a professor of Wheaton College Read More

Atheists and Muslims Want Cross Memorial Taken Down

The Bladensburg Memorial Cross is found Constitutional, but Atheists and Muslims still pushing to have it taken down. Read More

Donald Trump’s Questionable Relationship with the Bible

A Bible waving Trump raises questions about his true beliefs. Religion has noticeably been one of the focal Read More