TX Church Cleared $10Mil in Medical Debt for Veterans

Texas Church Helps Pay Off $10 million Medical Debt for Veterans

TX Church Cleared $10Mil in Medical Debt for Veterans
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Covenant Church in Texas raised $100,000 for RIP Medical Debt[/tweetit], a charity specializing in debt forgiveness resulting in over $10 million worth of medical debt. The cleared debt of over 4,000 veterans and their families.

Texas Church Raises $10 million to Pay Medical Debt for Veterans[/tweetthis]

Pastor Stephen Hayes of Covenant Church donated $100,000 to RIP Medical Debt. The latter is a non-profit debt collection entity which presently functions as a debt forgiveness charity. As per their plan, one dollar contributed to RIP translates into $100 of debt the charity can cancel. The donation by Covenant Church helped RIP Medical Debt to pay $10,551,618 of medical debt owed by a total 4,229 families. As per the pastor, not only the debt is now history, any negative shadow on their respective credit history is gone. The families can begin their financial journeys anew.

For Pastor Hayes, debt forgiveness is a personal theme. It began when he was hit by a car as a teenager and slipped into a coma. His father's congregation prayed for him round the clock. He woke up from his coma (in his words, a miraculous event) but soon found that his family was choking on massive medical bills due to his accident. The church members who prayed for his wellbeing donated and helped his family pay off that debt. The present pastor, who took over the position from his father, wanted to honor that tradition. To do this, he teamed up with RIP Medical Debt.

The Covenant Church helped to locate veterans residing in greater Dallas who were saddled with unpaid medical debt. The pastor said, “We want to show the community we care — because we actually do! For those that are in our communities, if we show them what it means to be a Christian before they ever step foot in one of our churches, we believe that will have a greater impact than trying to show them afterwards.”

Covenant Church presently has four campuses distributed within Dallas area. The church ministers to over 0,000 people. Pastor Stephen Hayes' father, Mike, also a pastor, is the co-founder and president of U.S. church network called Churches in Covenant International. Mike also started the relief fund, HelpChurches.org for churches destroyed by hurricanes and to help Mandalay Bay massacre and California wildfire victims. Mike was instrumental in bringing 50 churches together to help the hurricane victims.


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