Celebrities and Nonprofits are Joining Forces to Help the Bahamas Recover

Flying in to Grand Bahama Island with his jet loaded with emergency supplies and a team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers, John Travolta is the

These Televangelists Love Their Private Jets

These Televangelists Love Their Private Jets

Duplantis and Copeland preach the bible while living in luxury Televangelists Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis live a life which their followers can only

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry Discusses Experiences with God at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church

Tyler Perry opens up about the ups and downs in his life TV and film mogul and mega-entertainer, Tyler Perry, went to Lakewood Church

Televangelist Asking for Donations for Private Jet to Avoid The Demons on Commercial Flights

Televangelist Jesse Duplantis Asking for Donations for Private Jet to Avoid Demons on Commercial Flights

Jesse Duplantis wants a $78 Million Jet Jesse Duplantis, an American gospel preacher, has asked his followers to assist him to purchase a Falcon

Religion is Becoming a More Popular Subject for TV Shows

Exploring religion in mainstream TV shows is becoming more common, in spite of its complexities. In the past, mainstream television has been very reluctant

Tyler Perry will Host Fox Live Musical “The Passion” March 2016

Fox will air "The Passion," a live musical retelling of the crucifixion. On Palm Sunday 2016, Fox will bring the timeless story of Jesus'