Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry Discusses Experiences with God at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry opens up about the ups and downs in his life

TV and film mogul and mega-entertainer, Tyler Perry, went to Lakewood Church to share his experiences with God. According to Perry, God was always there with him through all his failures and successes.

Tyler Perry Discusses Experiences with God at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church[/tweetthis]

Perry told the audience that he visited seminary to achieve his goal of becoming a minister. However, his sermon didn’t go as expected, which made him believe that he would share Jesus’s story through different means.

He talked about the difficulties in his life, when he was a child, as he got physically and verbally abused. To reduce the pain, he used to spend time under the porch, making up stories.

He spoke about the struggles early in his career, as he was trying to make it in life through his theater productions. As he wasn’t facing any success, his mother asked him to stop pursuing art. Eventually, he quit and started working as a phone company employee.

Important life lessons

He said that it is important to listen to the voice of God, even if people are telling you to do other things, as the Lord had a plan for him. When he looked back, he believed he failed, but on closer introspection, he understood that God was only testing him.

Perry cited Genesis 22, where God wanted to test Abraham, by asking him to sacrifice Isaac, his son. He imagined the anxiety Isaac would have had to face, after seeing the knife, the wood, and the altar. He told the audience that they shouldn’t be anxious if they face any sacrifices, during their journey through life. He said that no one should worry as God will help them get through these sacrifices. He also said the people will feel different after leaving the church, as they will have more faith and joy.

He spent time with Joel Osteen, senior pastor, and Victoria, the co-pastor and the televangelist’s wife, before speaking to the audience.

Perry buried the Bible under the gates to his studio, so that it blesses people as they go over the holy book.

Today, everyone can see his ministry in action, by watching his television shows and movies. Despite being a Christian, his movies cover a wide variety of genres, ranging from R-rated to sci-fi. However, there is always a common message – people should always have hope.


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