These Televangelists Love Their Private Jets

These Televangelists Love Their Private Jets

These Televangelists Love Their Private Jets
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Duplantis and Copeland preach the bible while living in luxury

Televangelists Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis live a life which their followers can only dream of.[/tweetit] They preach God’s Word to millions all over the world live inside lavish mansions and drive fancy cars.

These Televangelists Love Their Private Jets[/tweetthis]

A Dassault Falcon 50 jet is Duplantis’ choice of luxury aircraft. His church is sponsoring the cost of the plane and its upkeep. The Inside Edition magazine ran a hard news story where the pastor and his wife flew a short distance from Fort Worth in Texas to his residence on the outskirts of New Orleans. The round trip cost a whopping $14,000. If the pastor and wife flew a commercial jetliner, along with other people, the total expense would not have crossed $180. Duplantis bought the private top of the line aircraft, because the jet lets him to spread the message of God around the world better. The pastor’s favorite place to preach seems to be Hawaii, where his aircraft zipped to 16 times to in 2006. The televangelist now wants to upgrade to a Dassault 7X, an aircraft fitted with luxury interiors and cost an eye-popping $54 million.

Since Duplantis did not respond to requests made by Inside Edition for a formal interview, Lisa Guerrero, the magazine’s Chief Investigative Correspondent, met the televangelist at a book signing. He declined to answer when Guerrero asked him about the rationale of buying a new plane and curtly told her that he would not answer questions at a book signing event. She was then forced out by security.

Duplantis’, however, is regarded as small fry in luxurious travel when compared to Copeland. The televangelist has not only two private jets- a Gulfstream V and a $20 million Citation X- but also has his private airport where the planes remain parked when not in use. The pastor purchased the Gulfstream model from Tyler Perry, the movie director. Like Duplantis, Copeland has an affinity for one particular place to preach: a Colorado located vacation ski resort. He flew there over 140 times since in 2000. When Guerrero asked him about why he does not like to fly commercial, he described jetliners as tubes and co-passengers as demons. He claimed that he would be forced to curtail 65 percent of his activities if he bought a flight ticket like everyone else.