He also wants money to improve the avionics of the aircraft

Televangelists have a thing about private planes. Almost every telegenic (or not) evangelical begs supporters to donate money so that they can purchase their own aircraft. Their excuse? It helps them to pray better so their followers can prosper. If one follows their words, there is a perception that God will love you more if you have (and regularly use) a private jet.

Kenneth Copeland has just received delivery of his own Gulfstream V private aircraft. He was trying for such a material possession for the last two years. He does not regard purchasing this expensive aircraft a display of sheer wastefulness and greed. Copeland, along with his like-minded partner in Godly ways, Jesse Duplantis, had defended such a request. They claimed that it was not possible to spread the word of Christ across the world without the advantage of flying a private jet. As per Copeland, he was loath to fly cooped up inside a long tube along with a number of demons as co-passengers. The Gulfstream V paid all apprehensions to rest. The seller of the aircraft was Tyler Perry, the media honcho. Needless to say, money for this flying luxury came from his easily impressionable supporters.

The Copeland website did not deny that this blatant display of materialism is possible only due to the generosity of supporters. It stated that the Holy Spirit itself told Brother Copeland that the Lord wants the latter to get all the comforts of a private jet. The inevitable discussion soon happened with Perry, whom the site described as a Christian businessman and an excellent movie maker. A contract was swiftly signed and cash deposit duly paid. The aircraft was then flown into Dallas for a thorough pre-purchase inspection process. The whole arrangement was completed in November. The aircraft was finally delivered during Thanksgiving week. The total cost of the aircraft was paid in full to the seller.

Copeland’s followers need not relax. He now needs more money, $2.5 million- to be exact to upgrade the avionics of the plane. This refurbishment will be done to meet future FAA strictures. The ministry warned that such improvements cost money and the work will begin from January itself. KCM told its followers to generate the funds within the next four months. Copeland and his team said that God will provide anything if needed to his followers.


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