Last Remaining Mysterious Parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls Deciphered

Last Remaining Mysterious Parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls Deciphered

The long-extinct Essenes Jewish fringe group are believed to be the authors of the text Professor Jonathan Ben-Dov and Dr. Eshbal Ratson of Haifa

Texas mall Ten Commandments

Texas Mall Installs Ten Commandments Monument

It is the signature trademark of Bushman, the mall owner Shoppers at the Music City Mall located at Vista Ridge in Lewisville will be

Roy Moore molestation

Conservatives are Using the Bible to Defend Roy Moore

Zeigler compared Moore's political condition to one of Christ's Former chief justice of the Supreme Court, and a favorite of the U.S. religious right,

Religious People Do Not have the Monopoly on Morality, According to Atheist on BBC1 Panel

Discussion followed a call by local religious group for a ‘second Reformation’ A debate between an atheist and Christian ended up in a very

We've taken God out of everything

Roy Moore Says Shootings Happen Because We Don’t Acknowledge God Enough

The Senate hopeful displayed racism earlier in his career as well Roy Moore, the Senate Candidate from Alabama, gave a speech in August where

Pure Flix Donates $25,000 to Rebuild Ten Commandments Monument That Was Run Over by a Car

Continued conflict over Ten Commandments monument on public land. Arizona based independent film studio, Pure Flix, has donated 25,000 dollars to a fund in

Destruction of Arkansas Ten Commandments Monument Forces Satanic Temple to Postpone Lawsuit

The Satanic Temple is dropping charges, but vows to resume the lawsuit if the monument is installed again. On June 28, a monument

ARC of the Covenant: Thoughts From The American Radical Center

The Ark of the Covenant is licensed under CC BY 2.0 If we, in America's 2017, want to talk about covenants, this should be

FFRF Aims to End Bible Study in West Virginia Schools

FFRF looks to end 75 years of bible study in Mercer County, West Virginia public schools. Bible study classes being held at Mercer County

Atheists Win $40,000 and Removal of Ten Commandments Monument from High School

PA school district pays $40K to FFRF, removes Ten Commandments monument to end lawsuit. An atheist group won a lawsuit against a Pennsylvania School