Church Painting of Judas Survived by Being Turned Around

A recently uncovered church painting of Judas in England escaped destruction and is extremely rare. A medieval era church painting, conserved by Fitzwilliam Museum

Comparing The Satanic Temple's Tenets to the Bible's Ten Commandments

Comparing The Satanic Temple’s Tenets to the Bible’s Ten Commandments

The seven tenets of Satan are much more sensible than the Ten Commandments There are many who loathe the Satanic faith and believe that

Satanist Approves Removal of Oklahoma Ten Commandments Monument

The lawsuit against the Ten Commandments monument is supported by the Satanic Temple as it makes equal ground for the Satanists, Christians and other

Aviya Kushner Grammar of God

‘The Grammar of God’: How Grammatical Nuances can Change the Meaning of the Bible

Photo via Aviya Kushner explains the importance of grammar in the Bible in her book The Grammar of God. Aviya Kushner has obsessed

Jewish, Christian and Muslim Children Learn about Common Traditions at Peace Camp

Third Annual Interfaith Peace Camp is a safe place for kids to make friends and ask anything about other religions. How many children realize

The Devil Went Down to… Detroit? Satanic Temple Statue Unveiled

After receiving bomb threats, The Satanic Temple was finally able to unveil their statue of Baphomet in Detroit. In literature, Baphomet is often depicted

The Satanic Temple Challenges Conservative Christianity’s Influence in Government, Women’s Rights and Public Schools

In an interview with the New York Times, The Satanic Temple's two founders discuss the religion's origins and recent accomplishments toward reducing Christian privilege

Oklahoma State Capitol

Court Rules Ten Commandment Monument in Oklahoma is Unconstitutional

Angry conservatives are crying for the impeachment of the justices who ordered the monument be removed. Installed in 2012, the 6-foot-tall stone monument of

Atheist Commandments

Atheists Write Their Own 10 Commandments

Atheists host the Re-Think Prize, a contest to come up with their own list of 10 Commandments to live by with Mythbusters' Adam Savage