Lady depressed in the holidays

Holiday Blues? Let’s Change the Palette

Naturopathic practitioner provides simple tips to help take stress reduction into your own hands. It is not just children who look forward to Holidays

Justin Bieber Asking Fans to Pray for Him

Justin Bieber Asking Fans to Pray for Him

Bieber says he is "struggling a lot." Fans of Justin Bieber were greeted on the morning of March 10 by their idol informing them

Faith Could Be the Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

Faith Could Be the Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

Study shows belief in God can reduce stress, resulting in restful sleep. A study released by the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

Despite Fears, Christian Should be Practicing Meditation

Despite Fears, Christians Should be Practicing Meditation

Meditation is an important tool for religious reflection Meditation has gotten a bad reputation in certain Christian circles. The belief is that meditation is

It’s True: Going to Church Makes You Live Longer

Non-churchgoers suffer from high blood pressure and stress. As per the findings of Professor Marino Bruce of Vanderbilt University, people who regularly attend religious

Pope Francis Describes How He Deals With Stress

Pope Francis admits there are issues in the Church but he is "at peace." After recent reports surfaced about conflicts within the Vatican, Pope

XXX Church Gives 4 Tips on How to Overcome Porn Addiction

Treat or prevent porn addiction with these tips recommended by XXX Church. Because access to internet is now easier than before, it also means

Suicide Prevention

How Spirituality May Help You Reduce Suicidal Thoughts: National Suicide Prevention Week

For National Suicide Prevention Week, Featured Contributor Keith Wommack shares how spirituality can help you reduce thoughts of emptiness. The tragedy of fifteen-year-old Sadie

Relieve Anxiety

Top 5 Ways to Relieve Your Anxiety – Try These Buddhist-Inspired Techniques

5 Buddhist psychological techniques that can help prevent or reduce anxiety. Anxiety is a psychological concern that every individual will experience once or even

Priests are Stressed and This Study Tells Why

According to a study, the reason behind Bishop and Priest stress has been uncovered and it's quite eye-opening. In a recently released, year-long study