Atheist Sworn as the New Prime Minister of Spain

Atheist Sworn in with “Conscience and Honor” as New Prime Minister of Spain

Pedro Sanchez's Socialist party wrested power from the Conservatives Mariano Rajoy, the outgoing Spanish Prime Minister, was succeeded by Pedro Sanchez[/tweetit] on June 2.

Scientology vigil in Hungary

For Scientology, History Repeats Itself Again in Hungary

Scientology is facing raids in Hungary reminiscent of what happened to them decades ago in Spain. WRN Exclusive - Thank you to the Church

Barcelona Spain Terror Attack Memorial

Spanish Scientologists Condemn Barcelona and Cambrils Terrorist Attacks

Countering terror by spreading calm and hope The beautiful cities of Barcelona and Cambrils on the eastern coast of Spain hold a very special

Pope Francis Names New Cardinals from El Salvador, Laos, Mali, Spain and Sweden

The pope’s selection of candidates is a drastic departure from usual protocol; Pontiff says the new cardinals represent the "universality of the church." Pope

Provocative Nativity Scene at Sex Shop Angers Christians

The painting of the Holy Family on a set of sex toys in Spain has offended the religious sentiments of certain Christian groups. A

Human Bones Found off Spanish Coast May be from Santerían Occult Rituals

Human Bones Found off Spanish Coast May be from Santerían Occult Rituals

Scuba divers discover 'Voodoo-like' ritual human remains off the coast of Roca Plana in Spain. Three human skeletons were discovered off the coast of

Many Europeans Fear Increase in Refugees Will Bring Terrorism

Growing fear among Europeans that refugees will bring more terrorism and less jobs. The steady flow of refugees into their countries has Europeans increasingly

Spanish Gov’t Owned Radio Station Airs Anti-Semitic Broadcast Claiming Jews Promote Satanism

Weekly Spanish Radio show A La Carta insults Jewish Community with "racist," "crude" claims of promoting Satan. Anti-Semitism still exists today and it manifests

Spain to Rectify 500-Year-Old Jewish Exile

Source: Flickr Spain hopes to rectify 500 year old exile by opening citizenship to wronged Jews. In 1492, Ferdinand and Isabella exiled all Jews living