The Yearning for Something More

Recently, I listened to a streaming radio station dedicated to singer-songwriters. Jackson Brown, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell -- all artists

I Left Scientology as a Teen: Here’s Why I Came Back

I was born into a Scientologist family and took this for granted for most of my life. As with anyone born into something, whether

Meet People from Different Religions

Take a look into other religions with these videos. Religions are taking advantage of the popularity of online video and using it as a

Leah Remini on Scientology 20/20

Actress Leah Remini talks to 20/20 about Scientology and her new book, “Troublemaker”

Leah Remini spoke to ABC's 20/20 program about growing up in Scientology, what she liked, what she didn't like, and her troubles with Tom

9/11 - What do I tell my kids? – What Will I Tell My Kids about 9/11?

What will I tell my kids about 9/11? My oldest is a kindergartner now. My guess is that this year it’ll come up, and

Hailley Scientology Parent Interview

Scientology Questions & Answers – Hailley, Mother

Photo: Sara May Photography A university study group in Holland was researching the Scientology religion, and wanted to get some direct answers about what

My Au Pair is Christian, We are Scientologists – Does that Work?

You may have read earlier that for the previous year, we’ve had an au pair in our house from Brazil. We are a family