Meet People from Different Religions

Take a look into other religions with these videos.

Religions are taking advantage of the popularity of online video and using it as a way to introduce the public to different world religions with clips introducing their parishioners.

Meet a Muslim

Meet a Muslim, a YouTube video by Tara Miele features a diverse array of Muslims living in America who together with their children and spouses share their experiences, joys, and fears. Contrary to the frequently featured images and clips of violent jihadists, this clip is meant to dismiss common misconceptions regarding the Islamic community in America.

“Whether it is through Christianity, whether it is through Buddhism or if you are an atheist, Islam is just one of those paths to help us connect with the world around us,” commented a pediatrician in the clip.

To many, being a Muslim in America seems quite a heavy burden. It is a proven fact, and researchers at the Pew Research Center have found that if a person knows a Muslim, he or she is more likely to have a favorable view of Muslims.

There are very many variations to being Muslim. “What I like about Islam is that there are many variations to it.” Remarked a person in Tara’s clip. The ‘naughty’ Muslim adds, “Societies create their monsters, it’s the fear of the unknown.” Most, if not all of the people interviewed argue that ignorance fuels hatred towards the Muslim community.  “How can you hate me so much when we’ve never actually spoken?” questioned one of the people in the video. The statement clearly illustrates the plight of Muslims in modern America.

Meet a Scientologist

The Church of Scientology’s video channel features a series called “Meet A Scientologist” through which you get to view life from the perspective of a Scientologist. Scientology is a religion founded by L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology doctrines are pillared on many principles among them being: “Man is an immortal spiritual being; his experience extends well beyond a single lifetime and his capabilities are unlimited even if not presently realized.”

“I am a Scientologist because it works for me, I can take the things that I learn from it and apply in my life. I tell myself what to do; I run my life,” remarked Sandra, a personal assistant.

Scientologists believe that Man is good and that his spiritual salvation depends upon himself, his fellows and his attainment of brotherhood with the universe.

“Through Scientology, I was able to find solutions to problems in my life despite being an able real estate agent. I am at a point in life when I don’t have those stops; I can expand and win in life as much as I want to,” commented Matt, a real estate agent.

Scientology provides “an entirely unique approach to our most fundamental questions—Who are we? From where did we come and what is our destiny?—but it further provides an equally unique technology for greater spiritual freedom.”

Meet the Mormons

Meet the Mormons is a documentary that seeks to examine the Mormon faith through the experiences of individuals dedicated to the Mormon faith around the world.

The Mormons are a group of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Mormon faith derives its name from the Book of Mormon. The people of the faith believe in the book of Mormon and have been known to refer to themselves as Latter-day Saints. People of the Mormon faith are from diverse backgrounds, and like every other person, they have their experiences and stories. The religion encourages humans who share a deep commitment to Jesus Christ, to each other and their neighbors to connect. The Latter-day Saints believe that through Jesus Christ all humankind may enjoy eternal life with their families in God’s kingdom.

Meet the Mormons received its fair share of opinions from people of different backgrounds. Most people seemed excited to have an insight into the Mormon faith. ”It made me feel extraordinary to get to know a different religion,” commented Dominic from Atlanta. Danny Ainge, President of The Bolton Celtics further adds, “I came away motivated to be a better person.”


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