U.S. Church Membership Plummets to All-Time Low

U.S. Church Membership Plummets to All-Time Low

Study indicates these numbers may drop further in the future. In a poll about church attendance and religious affiliation in the country, it was

Pope Francis Assigned the First African-American Bishop to Head the D.C. Church

Pope Francis Assigned the First African-American Bishop to Head the D.C. Church

Archbishop Wilton Gregory may also become the first African-American Cardinal eligible to vote for the next pope. Pope Francis named Wilton Gregory, the former

Republican Attacks Evangelicals For Supporting Trump

Republican Charlie Dent Attacks Evangelicals For Supporting Trump

Called Christians “Pretty Silent” On President’s Scandals Representative Charlie Dent, a GOP lawmaker, has challenged Trump’s supporters: He asked how they can justify their

Billy Joel Wears Star of David During MSG Concert

Joel and Patty Smyth smack ex-Trump administration staff during performance of "Goodbye to You" On his 43rd sold out show at Madison Square Garden,

Cardinal George Pell

Cardinal George Pell Charged with Sexual Assault, Takes Leave of Absence

The high-ranking church official served as one of the Pope’s closest advisers; Vatican receives the news with ‘regret’ One of the senior Vatican officials

Mark Ruffalo puts ‘Spotlight’ on Catholic Abuse Scandal in New Movie

Mark Ruffalo hopes new film will provoke the Catholic Church to use 'Spotlight' as a way to heal victims of the church's sexual abuse

Conservative Christian Star Josh Duggar’s Admission to Cheating on Wife, Porn Addiction, Keeps Changing

The Duggar family is again defending the actions of their 27-year-old son, Josh Duggar, after leaked information on his infidelity and pornography addiction. When

Family in turmoil: Rachel Dolezal is white, evangelical Christian parents say amid family sex abuse scandal

After her strict Christian upbringing, Dolezal's parents said they believed their daughter portrayed herself as black as a way to hurt them. Rachel Dolezal,

Religion On TV

Religion and Television: A Match Made in Heaven

Television portrays more religion with hit shows House of Cards & The Americans exploring religious themes and CW's "The Messengers" featuring angels. On April

Sex Abuse Scandal Pope

Pope Francis’ Zero Tolerance for Sexual Abuse Questioned

The Catholic Church has dealt with many sexual abuse scandals, but is Pope Francis actually committed to a zero tolerance policy? In 2011, a