Republican Attacks Evangelicals For Supporting Trump

Republican Charlie Dent Attacks Evangelicals For Supporting Trump

Republican Attacks Evangelicals For Supporting Trump
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Called Christians “Pretty Silent” On President’s Scandals

Representative Charlie Dent, a GOP lawmaker, has challenged Trump’s supporters: He asked how they can justify their support towards Trump at this point. His argument is that the supporters have deliberately turned a blind eye to the increasing number of scandals emanating on a regular basis from the White House. The Republican expressed his personal concerns during an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN.

Republican Charlie Dent Attacks Evangelicals For Supporting Trump[/tweetthis]

Anderson Cooper questioned Dent on what he assumed evangelicals would do if a democratic President had the same scandals. For example, a scenario where Obama was found to be linked to a scandal like the affair between Trump and Stormy Daniels. Dent said the GOP supporting evangelicals would likely go into town and “scream themselves hoarse” to demand that the president resign from his post.

According to Dent, if President Trump’s tactics were followed by a Democrat, the Republicans will allege human rights violations at every step. He pointed out that if a Democratic White House showed a conciliatory stand towards Moscow, “hell would have broken loose.”

Dent has made it clear that he will not stand for re-election. He is one of the increasing number of GOP lawmakers who are now opting out of the political race. The next election is in November. He will not be a part of the electoral process. Dent pointed out that the upcoming vote to take place in the midterm can be construed as a referendum on Trump. The vote will also reveal whether the president’s scandals have had an effect on voters. In his opinion, the scandals are more explicit and prominent enough to have lasting effects on the midterm elections.

Dent made it clear he does not care about any president like Donald Trump who lives by a certain personal code which many will find extremely objectionable. Dent seemed particularly upset by the hypocrisy of individuals not being consistent on the application of their religious values.


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