LDS Conference Reconciliation of Gender Identity and Faith

Mormons Reconcile Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation at Conference

Mormons balance LGBT Identity with the Teachings of Christ The Provo Marriott Hotel and Convention Center held the North Star International's fifth annual conference

Churches and Christian Schools in Australia Demanding Religious Freedom Laws to Protect Right to Hire and Fire Based on Beliefs

Christian Schools in Australia Demanding Religious Freedom Laws to Protect Right to Hire and Fire Based on Beliefs

CSA has submitted all the necessary documents to prove their contention Christian Schools Australia (CSA) has proposed that schools should retain the freedom to

German Cardinal Supports Blessing Same-Sex Marriage

German Cardinal Supports Same-Sex Blessing Ceremonies

Decisions must, however, be taken at the individual level Reinhard Marx, the progressive German Cardinal, waded into controversial ecclesiastical territory when he said homosexual

Church Clarity

Top Findings from Survey on America’s Top 100 Churches

Almost every church has flaws The arrival of Church Clarity had rocked the evangelical world in October 2017.[/tweetit] The organization provides dry and factual

Poll of Journalists

Poll of Journalists Finds Trump’s Relationship with Evangelicals is the Biggest News Story of the Year

'Trumpvengelicals' now influence White House actions The year 2017 resembles the past year 2016 in a number of ways. The more prominent among them

Indonesia Family Love Alliance

Indonesia, a Muslim-Majority Country, Blocks Petition to Criminalize Gay Sex

The petition was filed by the conservative Family Love Alliance The Constitutional Court of Indonesia rejected a petition by Family Love Alliance, a conservative group,

Countries Around the World and Their Status on Gay Marriage

Most countries in support of gay marriage are located in Western Europe. For LGBTQI rights champions, 2017 is a blockbuster year.[/tweetit] Other than Australia

Alberta Catholic Schools are Making Their Own Sex Education Lessons

Lessons say a same-sex relationship is prohibited and sex is only permissible if it's between and married man and woman. David Eggen, the Canadian

Kim Davis Romania

Kim Davis, Who Refused to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Is in Romania to Help Fight Same-Sex Marriage

Romanians face a referendum on gay marriage Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who became infamous for a brief period of time for

Attorneys Asking Mississippi to Block Law that Discriminates Against LGBTQ

The House Bill 1523 is a highly restrictive law. Mississippi attorneys filed papers on July 6, requesting the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals