Countries Around the World and Their Status on Gay Marriage

By Guy of taipei (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Guy of taipei (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Most countries in support of gay marriage are located in Western Europe.

For LGBTQI rights champions, 2017 is a blockbuster year.[/tweetit] Other than Australia capturing the world's attention as it legalized gay marriage, two other countries – Germany and Malta, gave legal standing to same-sex unions as well. This brings a total of 26 countries now permitting lesbians and gays to get married. Austria is another nation that may soon join the list. A certain ruling in the Austrian high court will come into effect in 2019. When it happens, Austria will be another country permitting the legal union between members of the same sex. The U.S. Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal in 2015.

Countries Around the World and Their Status on Gay Marriage[/tweetthis]

A majority of Australians (around 60 percent) favored the legalization of the same-sex marriage. The parliamentary vote took place on December 7. The Australian senators passed the bill only three weeks after a nationwide referendum was held in the country in the context of gay marriage. The Austrian high court also ruled on December 5 stipulating lesbians and gays be granted complete marriage rights within 2019. This will be done unless the Austrian parliament writes a legislation opposing the order.

In terms of physical geographies, a clear majority of countries permitting gay marriage are located in Western Europe. From a list of 26 countries, 17 are in Western Europe. Even in Europe, many countries like Switzerland and Italy do not permit gay marriage. No Eastern European and Central European countries permit legalized same-sex marriage.

Gay Marriage around the world
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When it comes to the Asia Pacific region, Australia is the second country after New Zealand to legalize marriage between same sexes. Taiwan is a probable country as its highest court ruled positive for gay unions. The court also gave parliament a period of two years to implement this ruling. When it comes to the African continent, lesbians and gays can marry legally only in South Africa. The country legalized the affair in 2006.

In North and South America, the following countries allow same-sex marriage: the United States, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, and Canada. A few jurisdictions inside Mexico permit the marriage of same-sex couples. Not surprisingly, statistics reveal same-sex marriage is mostly permitted in regions and countries where the resident population tends to accept homosexuality. One excellent example of public opinion is the United States. A survey conducted over two months in June and July in 2017 in the U.S. has revealed 70 percent of the adult respondents answered they have no problems in accepting homosexuality.


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