SBC Cancels Seven Church Investigations

Southern Baptist Convention Cancels Seven Church Investigations

As per the SBC Executive Committee, there is no need for any further inquiry into seven of the churches that find mention in the

Full-Page Pro-Immigrant Ad in The New York Times

Full-Page Pro-Immigrant Ad in The New York Times

All eligible immigrants are welcome to the United States Eight Christian leaders, notably Leith Anderson, the President of National Association of Evangelicals, Scott Arbeiter,

Trump, Obama and Christianity

Christianity and the presidency: What makes one a Christian in the eyes of the American public? The question invites consideration of Christianity and the

Southern Baptist Leader Russell Moore in Crosshairs for Criticizing Trump

Baptist Churches threaten to cut off funding to Moore over political matters. There seems to be a growing amount of concern among evangelicals over

Deep Divides Between Evangelicals Revealed After Elections

Although the majority of white Christian evangelicals have voted for Trump, the evangelical movement seems to be facing problems of division. At first glance,

Religious Leaders React to Trump’s Victory

Religious Leaders React to Trump’s Victory

The world's religious leaders have mixed reactions to a Trump presidency. In the year and half or so that political campaigns for the recent

CatholicVote Calls for Trump to Step Down; "Disgusting and Indefensible" Comments on Women

Catholic Vote Calls for Trump to Step Down; “Disgusting and Indefensible” Comments on Women

Catholic organization calls for Trump to step aside after leaked recording of "locker room talk" comments about women., a Catholic political advocacy group

Presbyterian Church Votes to Apologize for Racism

Presbyterian Church in America passed Overture to repent the Church's role in discrimination against minority cultures. The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is the

Southern Baptists Pass Resolution to No Longer Denounce Gay People

The statement marks a significant change in the Southern Baptist outlook, but does not affect their stance against same-sex marriage. Conservative politics and Southern

The Anti-Abortion March for Life is Growing

March for Life: Evangelicals join Catholics in the pro-life march. Evangelical organizations increasingly consider anti-abortion activities as one of its top aims. The Focus