Southern Baptist Leader Russell Moore in Crosshairs for Criticizing Trump

Baptist Churches threaten to cut off funding to Moore over political matters.

There seems to be a growing amount of concern among evangelicals over the prospective sacking of SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) President, Russell Moore. It is believed Russell Moore could be asked to exit over his criticism of U.S. President, Donald Trump[/tweetit], and the religious leaders who supported him.

SBC President Russell Moore in Crosshairs for Criticizing Trump[/tweetthis]

The move could have a significant impact on what happens to be the largest Protestant denomination in the United States. The Southern Baptists have already had several disputes in the past over subjects such as theology, politics, and more notably, race.

According to President of the Executive Committee, Frank Page, around 100 of the 46,000 Baptist churches have indicated they would defund the SBC’s Umbrella fund. The committee is currently assessing whether the sudden backlash has resulted from Moore’s political views, since more threats have been made over him than any other individual in recent times.

Page, who will be meeting with Moore, did not divulge his plans on what he would discuss with the SBC President. However, on being questioned about whether he would ask Moore to resign, Page replied by stating he would ask Moore to change his status if the meeting’s goals were not met.

Page made it clear that Moore’s resignation should not be assumed and the real hope is for Moore and his critics to reconcile their differences. Though Moore doesn’t answer to Page, the Executive Committee President is a significant member of the SBC.

Among Moore’s greatest critics is the Louisiana Baptist Convention. The Convention even sent out a resolution demanding that the ERLC be investigated by the Executive Committee. However, this does not fall under the purview of the committee.

Some of the ministers, along with the Franklin Avenue Baptist Church’s pastor, Fred Luter, signed a letter stating that that they were not in support of the resolution. Some of the Louisiana Baptists state that their criticism against Moore is primarily due to the fact he blames them for ignoring the sharing of the gospel and instead, aiming to have more political influence. On the contrary, the Baptists in concern state they have always prioritized evangelism.

David Crosby, a senior pastor at the First Baptist Church in New Orleans and also, one of the pastors who signed the letter, disagrees. According to Crosby, Moore would not have been criticized if he had voiced his opinions against Hillary Clinton.

Crosby strongly believes Moore has been targeted due to his criticism of Trump and the connections between the GOP and the power brokers within the SBC.


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