Religious Leaders on George H.W. Bush’s Death and How the Former President Moved GOP Towards Evangelicalism

Christian leaders praised President George H.W. Bush after his death on November 30 and released a number of condolence statements to that effect. Bush,

Pastor Jeffress Defends Trump’s Playboy Model Scandal By Calling Ronald Reagan a ‘Womanizer’

Pastor Jeffress Defends Trump’s Playboy Model Scandal by Calling Ronald Reagan a ‘Womanizer’

Reagan family delivered a sharp, swift response to Jeffress. Robert Jeffress, the pastor of a Southern Baptist megachurch and ostensible “adviser” to United States

Evangelicals are Becoming Politically Progressive

Evangelicals are Becoming Politically Progressive

Younger evangelicals possess a different mindset than their older counterparts. American evangelicals began to vote for the Republican Party from the time Ronald Reagan

White House Christmas 2017

After Trump Declares to End “War on Christmas,” White House Unveils Christmas Decorations

First Lady played with children in the Red Room Children of serving U.S. Air Force personnel posted at Joint Base Andrews and journalists were

Mormon Musicians Are Dominating Billboard’s Classical Music Charts

Mormon musicians are finding big time success. Latter-day Saints are making waves in music, making a big impact in the industry and listeners’ lives

Nearly Every U.S. President Has Been Christian

Most presidents have been from the Episcopalian or Presbyterian churches. America’s new president Donald Trump is the nation’s ninth Presbyterian president. The nation has

6 Big-Time Clergy Are Praying at Trump’s Inauguration

Franklin Graham, Timothy Dolan, Paula White are among those will pray at Trump's inauguration ceremony. President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony is going to be

Only 26% of Americans are Not Christian

Religion is losing its footing in the United States Gallup's ongoing research on religion shows that the influence of religion in the U.S. society

St. John Paul II Documentary ‘Liberating a Continent’ – Wins Two Chicago/Midwest Emmys

'Liberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism' Documentary Takes Two Emmys On December 3, the Chicago/Midwest Chapter of the National

Religious Leaders React to Trump’s Victory

Religious Leaders React to Trump’s Victory

The world's religious leaders have mixed reactions to a Trump presidency. In the year and half or so that political campaigns for the recent