Pastor Jeffress Defends Trump’s Playboy Model Scandal By Calling Ronald Reagan a ‘Womanizer’

Pastor Jeffress Defends Trump’s Playboy Model Scandal by Calling Ronald Reagan a ‘Womanizer’

Pastor Jeffress Defends Trump’s Playboy Model Scandal by Calling Ronald Reagan a ‘Womanizer’
By Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons
Reagan family delivered a sharp, swift response to Jeffress.

Robert Jeffress, the pastor of a Southern Baptist megachurch and ostensible “adviser” to United States President Donald Trump, claimed during a media interview that evangelicals could continue to support Trump even after the president's many failings came to light. The justification? Former President Ronald Reagan did the same, and still, evangelicals supported him over Jimmy Carter. Pastor Jeffress was defending Trump concerning brand new revelations concerning the president and a playboy model.

Pastor Jeffress Defends Trump’s Playboy Model Scandal by Calling Ronald Reagan a ‘Womanizer’[/tweetthis]

The Reagan family was predictably livid. Michael Reagan, President, The Reagan Legacy Foundation, gave an expletive-ridden answer via social media. He was furious and asked how the pastor could compare Ronald Reagan-his father- to Trump.

Jeffress was interviewed on July 20 by Ed Henry of Fox News. Henry questioned the pastor about whether actual voters, particularly the core evangelical base of President Trump, even care about news reports that Michael Cohen secretly recorded a certain pre-election conversation with Trump. The talk centered on whether hush money was paid by Trump to Karen McDougal, the former Playboy model with whom the real estate billionaire allegedly had an affair while still being married to Melania, his present wife.

To any keen observer of American politics, McDougal is the second woman with whom Trump had an affair after Stormy Daniels. Incidentally, both McDougal and Daniels worked in the adult entertainment industry. Trump was earlier accused of paying money to hide affairs which he had right after Barron, his son, was born to Melania Trump. The latter is the now the president's third wife.

According to Jeffress, evangelicals are perfectly sane to continue their support to the adulterous president. He said that no evangelical has sold a soul to support Trump and recalled the Reagan instance back in the 1980s. The pastor said that evangelicals at that time gave support to a certain twice married Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan despite knowing the latter was a “womanizer.” As per the megachurch pastor, the evangelicals at that time chose Reagan over Jimmy Carter, a teacher in Baptist Sunday schools who was married to one woman and was faithful to his wife.

Pastor Jeffress said evangelicals supported Reagan for his policies, and not because due to his supposed divorce or womanizing proclivities. The same reasoning can be applied to Donald Trump as well. The latest secret payments revelations happened when Cohen's office was raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as part of the latter's sleuthing as whether any violation of campaign finance laws happened or not.


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