White House Christmas 2017

After Trump Declares to End “War on Christmas,” White House Unveils Christmas Decorations

White House Christmas 2017
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First Lady played with children in the Red Room

Children of serving U.S. Air Force personnel posted at Joint Base Andrews and journalists were hosted by Melania Trump, the First Lady of the United States during the unveiling of Christmas decorations in the White House. The 2017 celebrations give a nod to tradition. The theme this year is “Time-Honored Traditions.” This theme was conceptualized by the First Lady to pay due respect to White House holiday traditions going back 200 years.

After Trump Declares to End “War on Christmas,” White House Unveils Christmas Decorations[/tweetthis]

Visitors to the White House will discover a tribute to service members and also their families in the stately building's East Wing. The tribute is represented by the Gold Star Family Tree. The tree was decorated with a patriotic ribbon and gold stars. All those who visited were encouraged to write their message to the ones they love who are on duty abroad or within the United States. Digital tablets were provided for this purpose.

Melania Christmas White House
Via video screenshot

The list of decorations includes a total of 71 Christmas wreaths and 53 Christmas trees. There are about 12,000 ornaments. A 200-pound gingerbread White House reproduction greeted visitors. Multiple Christmas trees decorated the Cross Hall and Grand Foyer. Artificial snow and crystal ornaments covered the trees. The look was inspired by the 1961 Nutcracker Suite theme decorations in the White House.

After visitors walk through the East colonnade, they will find themselves in the China Room. This space honors holiday traditions of hospitality and dining. This room is decorated to host family Christmas dinners. The table displays china dating back from the Reagan era. A little walk further on and visitors will see the library. Among the collection of fine books is A Christmas Carol, an 1866-edition owned by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The time-honored practice of reading much loved Christmas stories are recalled by these small but important touches.

The Red Room of the White House has a Christmas tree much smaller in size. The decorations were made of candies and holiday treats. The First Lady sat in this room with children arriving from Joint Base Andrews. They made holiday decorations from gumdrops. As per a White House press release, the December month will be a busy one for the White House. There will be numerous receptions and 100 open houses. More than 25,000 visitors will enter the buildings as a participant in public tours. The Green Room honors specifically the festivities of classic design, paper, and crafts.


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