Jesus Isn’t Looking For “Front-page” Christians

Jesus Isn’t Looking For “Front-page” Christians

Jesus seeks those who say "Lord, you are my life" everyday Being a follower of Christ doesn't translate to being curious of who he

Paul, Apostle of Christ

New Trailer for Paul Apostle of Christ Hits (Sequel to Passion of Christ)

Caviezel reprises his Christ role in the film Jim Caviezel, the immensely talented actor who shot into global fame by playing the role of

A House Left Desolate: Understanding Deception in Your Faith

The last place we might think deception would come to us is from within the church through its leadership. Is it possible to have

Popular Minister Joel Osteen Accused of Misusing Bible Scripture

Jim Denison says the new Joel Osteen book is a misuse of scripture. Joel Osteen, the Christian minister, talked about his book, The Power

underground church in Turkey

Archaeologist Discover Underground Church in Turkey

5th century Underground Church Unearthed in Cappadocia, Turkey A team of archaeologists working for the Nevşehir Castle Urban Transformation Project in Turkey recently unearthed