Paul, Apostle of Christ

New Trailer for Paul Apostle of Christ Hits (Sequel to Passion of Christ)

Paul, Apostle of Christ
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Caviezel reprises his Christ role in the film

Jim Caviezel, the immensely talented actor who shot into global fame by playing the role of Jesus Christ in the 2004-released The Passion of the Christ film claimed that the upcoming sequel to his film named Paul, Apostle of Christ, will be a movie that will shock its audience[/tweetit]. Like the previous one, Mel Gibson is the director of the new film.

New Trailer for Paul Apostle of Christ Hits (Sequel to Passion of Christ)[/tweetthis]

The website of the new film is already up online. The home page has a short entry and a teaser synopsis of the film. Paul, Apostle of Christ, recounts the story involving two men. Paul, the main protagonist in the film, is held captive by the Roman Emperor Nero in Rome. He is visited by Luke, his friend and also a physician. The emperor has plans to empty Rome of Christians. To do this, he executes them by the most painful methods possible. Luke wants to write a book prior to Paul receiving his death sentence. Luke's aim is to write a book detailing The Way. These actions will later result in the formation of the Christian church.

For Paul, the pain is not only external, it is also an internal one. He has endured pain all his life. The apostle has been flogged, starved, and exposed to the cruel elements. People have stoned him, and cold and thirst were his constant companions. The misdeeds of his past haunt him as he waits for death. He wonders whether anyone remembers him. The sequel shows Paul and Luke struggling against an emperor determined to crush Christianity and the struggle- and eventual triumph- to live life following Christ's Gospel. Paul, Apostle of Christ, exhibits in vivid detail how the early Christians distributed Christ's teachings to the world.

Caviezel expressed confidence about the success of the film. He claimed that he cannot say anything more but is sure that the film will be one of most noted flicks in movie history. The sequel has been in the planning stages for a number of years. Matters appeared to move in 2016 when Gibson announced the film's title. The director explained during that time that the film will not be a straight chronological explaining of the resurrection of Christ. Randall Wallace has written the script. The writer and Gibson knew each other from the days of Braveheart, the director's opus 1995 film.


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