Jesus Isn’t Looking For “Front-page” Christians

Jesus Isn’t Looking For “Front-page” Christians

Jesus Isn't Looking For
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Jesus seeks those who say “Lord, you are my life” everyday

Being a follower of Christ doesn’t translate to being curious of who he was, or needing religious news, Pope Francis said during the Saints Peter and Paul Solemnity last Saturday.

Jesus Isn’t Looking For “Front-page” Christians[/tweetthis]

The pope said that Jesus has no interest in history, polls or “front-page” Christians. Jesus is “looking for witnesses who say to him each day: ‘Lord, you are my life.’ ”

The pontiff was delivering the word during a ceremony held at St. Peter’s Basilica. As the service was underway, he gave the pallium (a small wool white garment) to 31 Metropolitan Archbishops.

As he neared the end of his homily, Francis said the “pallium reminds the sheep that the shepherd is called to bear him on his shoulders. It is a sign that the shepherds do not live for themselves but for the sheep. It is a sign that, in order to possess life, we have to lose it, give it away.”

The pontiff invited all in attendance to pray to receive grace and rediscover themselves in their relationship with Jesus daily, as opposed to living like “lukewarm Christians who live by half measures.” The pope pointed out Saints Peter and Paul were not neat nor linear.

He said the teaching is “the starting point of the Christian life is not our worthiness” and when Christians perceive themselves to be “smarter or better than others,” it culminates as the beginning of the end. He reminded the gathering that the Lord doesn’t work miracles with persons to those who believe themselves to righteous but instead works on “those who know themselves to be needy.”

The pope said humility was practiced by both Peter and Paul all their lives and understood that holiness emanates from humbling oneself as opposed to exalting.

He explained that “Holiness is not a contest, but a question of entrusting our own poverty each day to the Lord, who does great things for those who are lowly.” The two saints’ failings that led them to Jesus’ forgiveness and mercy receiving irrepressible peace and joy.


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