Sellers Ordered to Stop Selling Burqas in Morocco

Moroccan government aims at stepping up national security by banning the full veil; hijabs still allowed. The government of Morocco has taken its fight

The Last Few Jews of This Amazonian City Hold On To Their Roots

The Last Few Jews of This Amazonian City Hold On To Their Roots

Jews of Iquitos strive to keep their community alive in Peru. A small-scale cultural and spiritual revival is happening in the city of Iquitos

Jayla Lundstrom Featured Contributor

An American Student’s Encounters with Islam in Morocco

Featured Contributor Jayla Lundstrom, a volunteer at the Zaouia Sidi Abdessalam Youth Center in Morocco, details her experience learning about Islam. The tightly checkered

Joseph Preville Morocco

Jonathan Wyrtzen on ‘Making Morocco: Colonial Intervention and the Politics of Identity’

Making Morocco is a look into Morocco’s struggles of national identity in its colonial past. Written by Joseph Preville and Julie Poucher Harbin for

Casablanca Calling

These Moroccan Muslim Women are Changing How Women are Treated

The film Casablanca Calling follows Moroccan Muslim women determined to challenge their country's treatment of women. When Americans picture Morocco, and other Islamic countries,