Bill Nye Answers Whether the Creation Vs. Evolution Debate Can Ever Be Settled

Bill Nye answers whether science and religion could ever be compatible. Bill Nye has taken on the political right before when talking about climate

NPR Slams NBC Nightly News for Airing Segment on Ark Encounter Theme Park

NPR story counters claims made by Ark Encounter theme park focused on the Biblical story of Noah's Ark. Answers in Genesis, a Christian ministry

After Years of Controversy, Noah’s Ark Park is Now Open

A 510-foot-long recreation of Noah’s Ark called Ark Encounter is finally open in central Kentucky. Creationist Ken Ham is the designer of Ark Encounter,

Jimmy Carter Tours Noah’s Ark Theme Park, Opening in Two Weeks

Creationist Ken Ham's Noah's Ark theme park opens this summer A 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, 8 stories high recreation of Noah’s Ark

Atheist Billboard Protesting Noah’s Ark Theme Park Rejected

Billboard companies reject "inappropriate" anti-Noah's Ark Atheist campaign. Ark Encounter, a water-theme park centered on a life-sized replica of Noah's ark, is set to

Noah’s Ark Park to Provide Tax Relief to Religious Workers

Ark Encounter Theme Park won religious freedom case that is worth millions in tax incentives. The founder and the head of Answers in Genesis

Thank God You Can't Sink This Ship

Ken Ham’s Noah’s Ark Billboards Fire Back at “Intolerant Liberals”

Ken Ham’s response to opposition’s "lies" about his theme park project. Ken Ham, with the group Answers in Genesis, has constructed billboards to call

Bill Nye VS Ken Ham

Ken Ham and Bill Nye Debate Still Rages On Months Later

Bill Nye and Ken Ham debated the topic of creationism earlier this year, but the two have kept up the fight through interviews and

Bill Nye Willing to go to Hell

Bill Nye the Science Guy is Willing to Go to Hell for His Beliefs [Video]

After debating creationist Ken Ham, Bill Nye campaigned for evolution, even at the cost of his place in heaven. Christians have responded and pray

AtheistTV Launch VS Ken Ham

Atheist TV Launches on Roku – Atheists Love It, Ken Ham Doesn’t

American Atheists launch first television channel dedicated to non-believers, Atheist TV, on Roku. Atheists are excited; creationist Ken Ham, not so much. Christians and