Bill Nye VS Ken Ham

Ken Ham and Bill Nye Debate Still Rages On Months Later

Bill Nye VS Ken Ham

Bill Nye and Ken Ham debated the topic of creationism earlier this year, but the two have kept up the fight through interviews and online posts and more.

Ken Ham and Bill Nye debated their religious viewpoints earlier this year. Nye followed his earlier comments more recently by stating the opinion that the idea of creationism will be gone within the next twenty years. Ham later replied in a blog post with the opposite thought process, which is that Biblical creation will last longer than atheism and evolution. Additionally, he stated that creationism will survive along side Christianity, and that the Bible and God’s word has been around much longer than evolution and survived similar attacks against the Christian religion. These men possess drastically differing opinions on the topic of religion and the universe.

Bill Nye and Ken Ham Continue to Debate

The highly anticipated debate that occurred in February was watched online by millions. Bill Nye, aka the Science Guy, agreed to the debate because he feels that creationism is bad for humankind, and he wanted to expose the problems with believers, such as Ken Ham. However, like almost every debate, both sides felt successful in proving their point and justified in their beliefs. Therefore, the struggle between the two philosophies will likely continue for many years.

The contrasting statements of one party outliving the other are likely both incorrect. The strong following behind each ideology will continue the ideas for generations, rather than simply seizing to exist one day in the next few years. Additionally, they will most likely create an everlasting rift in the thought process of many, despite any drastic evidence of either party.

Both highly recognized names have continued to protect their position and minimize the other. They have appeared on television talk shows, radio broadcasts, political and religious websites, and Nye has even written a book. Nye and Ham have clearly shown that they are devoting their life to the support of their views through almost drastic efforts.


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