Evangelical Scientist Katharine Hayhoe takes on Climate Skeptics with 'Global Weirding' Web Series

Evangelical Scientist Katharine Hayhoe takes on Climate Skeptics with ‘Global Weirding’ Web Series

Global Weirding: A new web series by an evangelical Christian tackling climate change issues. The President-elect, Donald Trump, believes climate change is a hoax

Answers in Genesis Founder Calls Evolution the "Religion of Death"

Answers in Genesis Founder Calls Evolution the “Religion of Death”

Ken Ham attacked the theory of evolution as a "religion of death." Answers in Genesis (AiG) President Ken Ham has added an attack on

Bill Nye Answers Whether the Creation Vs. Evolution Debate Can Ever Be Settled

Bill Nye answers whether science and religion could ever be compatible. Bill Nye has taken on the political right before when talking about climate

Thousands of Atheists Attend Reason Rally in Washington D.C.

Atheists and freethinkers gathered in Washington D.C. at the Reason Rally 2016 The Lincoln Memorial located on the western end of the National Mall

Ark Encounter

Noah’s Ark, Theme Park Under Construction in Kentucky

The life-size Noah's Ark is being built by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and will open next July. Costing some $92 million, construction

Bill Nye: “It’s Not Crazy to Suggest Life Started on Mars”

Bill Nye discusses the discovery of water on Mars on The Nightly Show. Water has been found on Mars and Bill Nye is pretty

Bill Nye VS Ken Ham

Ken Ham and Bill Nye Debate Still Rages On Months Later

Bill Nye and Ken Ham debated the topic of creationism earlier this year, but the two have kept up the fight through interviews and

Bill Nye Willing to go to Hell

Bill Nye the Science Guy is Willing to Go to Hell for His Beliefs [Video]

After debating creationist Ken Ham, Bill Nye campaigned for evolution, even at the cost of his place in heaven. Christians have responded and pray

Can Science and Religion Coexist In Equal Compatibility?

There was much interest in the recent debate between scientist, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and evangelist and President of Answers in Genesis, Ken

Labyrinth Boulder City

Despite Nye vs Ham Debate, Religion and Science Merge at Nevada Church

While Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate each other over science and religion (a biased play-by-play can be read here), a harmony between the