40% of the U.S. Believes in Creationism

40% of the U.S. Believes in Creationism

Record high 22% believe in evolution A June 3-16 Gallup poll has revealed that a large chunk of United States adults, 40 percent of

Does A Banana Prove God Existence?

Does A Banana Prove God’s Existence?

New Movie The Fool About Ray Comfort and The Banana Fallacy Bananas: delicious fruit, Gwen Stefani anthem, and possibly the proof that God exists?

UK Ultra-Orthodox Jews Refuse to Teach the “Lie” that Earth 4.5 Billion Years Old

UK Ultra-Orthodox Jews Refuse to Teach the “Lie” that Earth is 4.5 Billion Years Old

Taking taxpayer funding means the UOHC cannot push religious text London-based Jewish group, Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, is urging teachers not to take

How Religion Fits Into Blade Runner 2049

How Christianity Fits Into ‘Blade Runner 2049’

Blade Runner 2049 Movie Explores Relationship Between Humans and God It’s been 35 years since the original Blade Runner was released. The original dystopian

science beating religion in britain and canada

Science is Beating Religion in Britain and Canada

Survey Shows Vast Decrease in Belief in Creationsim A survey conducted by the Centre of Science, Knowledge and Belief in Society, working out of

Ken Ham Rainbow Ark

Ark Encounter Lit Up to “Take Back” the Rainbow from the LGBT Community

Founder of Answers in Genesis aims to reclaim the rainbow symbol by lighting up the Ark Encounter with the seven colors of the rainbow.

FFRF Aims to End Bible Study in West Virginia Schools

FFRF looks to end 75 years of bible study in Mercer County, West Virginia public schools. Bible study classes being held at Mercer County

Betsy DeVos’ Dream of The Private Evangelical School

Betsy DeVos' vision of her private evangelical school, Potter's House. The Potter’s House is a top tier school situated in Grand Rapids, Michigan. However,

Creationism Will No Longer Be Taught in Ohio Schools

Creationism Will No Longer Be Taught in Ohio Schools

Ohio schools have eliminated all references to intelligent design, creationism from the science curriculum. Youngstown, Ohio schools CEO Crish Mohip has declared that his

Sioux Falls Atheist Billboards

Atheist Billboards in South Dakota Testing Belief in God

Dale Hemming of Sioux Falls has financed billboards throughout the area to let non-believers know they are not alone, however, Christian residents are disturbed.