NPR Slams NBC Nightly News for Airing Segment on Ark Encounter Theme Park

NPR story counters claims made by Ark Encounter theme park focused on the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark.

Answers in Genesis, a Christian ministry that advocates the literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible and the foundation stone for Judaism, Christianity and Islam, has opened the Ark Encounter theme park in July. The ministry, criticized for its literal belief in the Book of Genesis, has once again taken a step in “educating” people about the “reality” in the creation story. The main attraction of the theme park is the life-sized Noah’s Ark that has been built exactly in conformance to the dimensions as given in the Bible. The Ark is 510 feet long, which according to Mark Looey, co-founder of Answers in Genesis, corresponds to the “300 cubits” measurement given in the Bible.

NPR Slams NBC Nightly News for Airing Segment on Ark Encounter Theme Park[/tweetthis]

NBC Nightly News recently broadcast a segment on the Ark. The news story was an interview with Ken Ham, President of Answers in Genesis, who spoke about how the park will tell the world the story about the Ark, the flood, and how creation happened. NPR‘s Barbara J. King slammed this as being supportive of an unscientific and outdated view of how the world began.

King has criticized NBC for ignoring scientific validity while running the story. They say that the news reporter failed to explain scientific findings on the dinosaurs, human evolution, and other scientific discoveries. The website has pointed out the inconsistencies that the theme park presents to the visitors, such as dinosaurs coexisting with species that existed millions of years after their extinction. Importantly, they question how there can be prehistoric animals guided by Noah, a modern man, even though they went out of existence millions of years before the modern man made his appearance on the evolution scene.

King believes that this theme park will only reinforce outdated and scientifically invalid myths in the minds of the children who will be visiting the park. The website shouts out a call-to-action to parents and teachers everywhere to recognize the reality and to do their best to stop such “myths” from getting hold of their children. King believes that non-creationist adults should do their best to root out the creation story by opposing NBC’s news story and by questioning politicians about this issue.

King also makes a reference to the 2017 Creationist rafting trip in the Grand Canyon. Creationists believe that the Grand Canyon was formed as a result of the floods, though scientists contend that the Grand Canyon is proof that the creation story is false.


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