Jesus Christ Superstar

Why ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Is No Longer Controversial

The Evolution of the Rock Opera From Hatred To Acceptance Have you seen the widespread protests about the NBC live musical performance of Jesus

Alice Cooper Says Religion Saved Him

Alice Cooper, Starring in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, Says Religion Saved Him

Alice Cooper will reprise the King Herod role in NBC's Jesus Christ Superstar Vincent Furnier, more famous by his stage name of Alice Cooper,

John Legend to play jesus in live television musical

John Legend Will Be Jesus In Live TV Musical

NBC Airing Live Version of Jesus Christ Superstar For Easter Theater and television will come together in NBC’s live musical version of Jesus Christ

Common John Legend Oscars

Common thanks God, Jesus appears at 87th Academy Awards

Recapping religion at the 87th Academy Awards. Common thanks God in his acceptance speech, but Steven Spielberg is the most thanked entity. Jesus appears