Alice Cooper Says Religion Saved Him

Alice Cooper, Starring in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, Says Religion Saved Him

Alice Cooper Says Religion Saved Him
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Alice Cooper will reprise the King Herod role in NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar

Vincent Furnier, more famous by his stage name of Alice Cooper, was extremely sick when he was he was younger. He was throwing up blood and the doctors told him to stop drinking. The singer had by then competed in multiple drinking sessions with other legends like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison, both of whom died in their 20s. Doctors had already diagnosed Cooper as a “classic alcoholic.” He pledged not to touch alcohol after he left the hospital. Not a drop passed his lips afterward. He credits his startling recovery to God.

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Today, Cooper looks great. The black outfit he regularly wears suits him. The crucifix and the dyed black hair adds to his rock star persona. He regularly does grueling tours, staying on the road for days, and even months, on end. He claims his shows are better now than what they were in his 20s and 30s.

Cooper, who is best known for songs like “School's Out” and “Welcome to My Nightmare” said both he and his wife are devout Christians. The-70-year-old said nothing in Christianity proscribes that a rockstar cannot be a good Christian. His family was fully Christian, with his grandfather an evangelist and his father a pastor. He once tried to leave the church but came back to it and stayed. According to him, many people have a misconception about Christianity. They think devout Christians pray all day and hold right-wing political views. He said the only thing a devout Christian has is a personal relationship with Christ.

Cooper has stayed with the same woman he married in 1976. Being unfaithful to his wife has never occurred to him. He goes to church every Sunday and reads the Bible daily. The rockstar proudly informs that his kids never had any kind of trouble with alcohol. They do not do drugs either.

Cooper has a link with the Bible in his professional life as well. Alice Cooper fans will enjoy seeing him again as King Herod in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar'[/tweetit], a part which he first played in 2000. He got the role when Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, the writers of Jesus Christ Superstar insisted on him playing the crucial role. The present NBC produced classic stars John Legend. When asked about his inspiration, Cooper mentioned the late Alan Rickman, who among his many stellar performances played a pivotal character in the Harry Potter movie series.


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