Ivanka Trump Speaks of Her Concern on the Rise of anti-Semitism

Ivanka Trump is Concerned About the Rise of Anti-Semitism

"certainly there are some who have said things that are not supportive of the State of Israel." America's first daughter, Ivanka Trump, believes the

A Religious Bigot Should Not Have Given the Opening Prayer at the U.S Embassy says Romney

A Religious Bigot Should Not Have Given the Opening Prayer at the U.S Embassy says Romney

Pastor Robert Jeffress praised Trump’s resolve and courage Evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress, who once shot into infamy by saying that it is not possible

Rabbi Haskel Lookenstein with Catholic Priest and Nun

Rabbi Who Converted Ivanka Attacks President Trump’s Stance on Hate

President Trump Derided for Lack of Fortitude Against Anti-Semitic Groups The rabbi who saw to it that Ivanka Trump successfully converted to Judaism has

US President Donald Trump Meets Pope Francis

Trump is more determined to pursue peace after visit to the Vatican. In a brief, notably awkward encounter, President Donald J. Trump met with

Making History, Trump Visits the Western Wall With His Family

Donald Trump prayed at the Western Wall, the holiest site for Jews, together with his wife Melania, his Jewish daughter Ivanka, and his son-in-law

Donald Trump Absent from White House Passover Seder

The White House Passover seder tradition was started by former President Barack Obama. President Trump was officially scheduled to host the White House Passover

Donald Trump: “Anti-Semitism is Horrible”

President denounces anti-Semitism in wake of recent threats to JCC's. President Trump came out against anti-Semitism[/tweetit] earlier this week in response to the growing

Ivanka Trump Officially Recognized as a Jew

Ivanka Trump's conversion accepted under new standards. Yitzhak Yosef, the Sephardic chief rabbi of Israel, has spoken: the conversion to Judaism by Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump’s Religion and Beliefs

While some rumors say he is Catholic and others say Episcopalian, Trump’s religious beliefs have always been a matter of debate. Although his views

Trump Writes a Prayer for Jerusalem’s Western Wall

Trump Writes a Prayer for Jerusalem’s Western Wall

Donald Trump sends a handwritten prayer to the sacred Western Wall. In a move that has received mixed comments from supporters and critics, America’s