Rabbi Haskel Lookenstein with Catholic Priest and Nun

Rabbi Who Converted Ivanka Attacks President Trump’s Stance on Hate

Rabbi Haskel Lookenstein with Catholic Priest and Nun
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President Trump Derided for Lack of Fortitude Against Anti-Semitic Groups

The rabbi who saw to it that Ivanka Trump successfully converted to Judaism has now stood up against the US president Donald Trump.

Rabbi Emeritus Haskell Lookstein is bitter that Trump has a lack of rebuke toward Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists violence that occurred Virginia’s Charlottesville last week. Rabbi Lookstein collaborated with two other rabbis to draft a letter addressing the issue.

Rabbi Who Converted Ivanka Attacks President Trump’s Stance on Hate[/tweetthis]

Rabbi Lookstein and the other rabbis determined they could not see another way of acting in light of recent developments. It is the response that Trump had to offer with regards to the violence that saddened the rabbis. Trump claimed that both the anti-Jews as well as the protestors who stood against racial discrimination are to be blamed.

The U.S. president tried to revoke his earlier comments, but the damage had been done. On Thursday, Trump said that he did not mean that there is a moral equivalency between the two groups. He supported the white supremacists and the neo-Nazis claiming that they were protesting legally.

Before Ivanka Trump married Kushner in 2009, the conversion to Judaism from Orthodox was necessary, and Lookstein was responsible for this sponsorship. Many people are wondering why Trump did not do what seemed to be the right thing during the anti-Semitic violence that erupted in the city. He had the option to denounce the racist movements. Trump’s son-in-law, grandchildren, and daughter are Jewish, and he should have shown some empathy to the Jewish community during such times. Ivanka has not stood up against the anti-Semitic acts either.


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