Ivanka Trump Speaks of Her Concern on the Rise of anti-Semitism

Ivanka Trump is Concerned About the Rise of Anti-Semitism

Ivanka Trump Speaks of Her Concern on the Rise of anti-Semitism
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“certainly there are some who have said things that are not supportive of the State of Israel.”

America’s first daughter, Ivanka Trump, believes the United States may slowly be turning into an anti-Semitic country. In an interview with the press, Trump stated she fears the environment in the U.S. is becoming anti-Jewish. While she confirmed her views aren’t categorical, she believes some elements in the country are “not supportive of the State of Israel.”

Ivanka Trump is Concerned About the Rise of Anti-Semitism[/tweetthis]

President Donald Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism before her marriage to devout Jewish real estate agent Jared Kushner in 2009. The traditional ceremony involved an Orthodox rabbi and followed highly religious prayers and practices. Today, Ivanka Trump is one of the United States’ most powerful Jewish women. Both she and her husband support the Trump administration as Senior White House Advisors.

The statement about Israel comes after President Trump completed a four-day visit to the African nations of Ethiopia and Ivory Coast. The trip to Africa elicited mixed reviews from Trump supporters and detractors. Last year, President Trump was called out by the press for referring to third world nations as “shithole countries.” His proposal to slash the budget for foreign affairs and diplomacy was also negatively received by Congress.

While Ivanka Trump commended the President’s commitment to the third world, especially in the area of women’s advancement, she also stated her disappointment that the U.S. Government wasn’t showing the same interest or support to Israel. Months earlier President Trump was caught calling the Democratic Party an “anti-Jewish” party.

In the interview, she also spoke of how her double life as White House Advisor and mother to three took a massive toll on her personal life. She hoped that she might be able to live a more peaceful life sometime in the future. She mentioned turning down her father’s offer to head the World Bank, given her interest in her current job. For now, she stated, she and her family are incredibly proud of the work they’re doing for America and the rest of the world.


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