25 Years Ago Bill Clinton Signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA)

25 Years Ago Bill Clinton Signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA)

What was once heralded by both parties, soon became seen as a tool used against LGBT civil rights. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA)

Museum of the Bible: Tests Confirms 5 Dead Sea Scrolls Are Fake

Museum of the Bible: Test Confirms 5 Dead Sea Scrolls Are Fake

Other fragments will also be analyzed to determine the authenticity of the scrolls. Five Dead Sea Scrolls fragments in the Museum of the Bible's

Hobby Lobby Returning Thousands of Stolen Artifacts

Hobby Lobby Returned Thousands of Stolen Artifacts

Approximately 3,800 artifacts were stolen from Iraq. The U.S. Justice Department announced thousands of priceless artifacts of Iraqi origin which were stolen and smuggled

After DOJ Sues, Hobby Lobby Agrees to Forfeit Smuggled Iraqi Artifacts

The Green family illegally acquired the artifacts for the Museum of the Bible. Hobby Lobby, the American Arts and Crafts chain, will pay three

Ark Encounter

Noah’s Ark, Theme Park Under Construction in Kentucky

The life-size Noah's Ark is being built by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and will open next July. Costing some $92 million, construction

New Testament scholar David Trobisch and conservative Christian Hobby Lobby family team up for Bible Museum

New Testament scholar David Trobisch is internationally recognized for his critical work on the Letters of Paul, the formation of the Christian Bible, and

Birth Control Pill

New Accommodation Grants Employees of Religious Non-Profits Access to Birth Control

Today the Obama Administration announced a new accommodation affecting religious groups who oppose access to oral contraceptives. The new plan instructs the non-profit religious

Satanic Temple Hobby Lobby

Satanic Temple Cites Hobby Lobby Case for Religious Exemption

Satanic Temple members look to use SCOTUS' Hobby Lobby decision to claim exemption from state mandated anti-abortion materials. A decision by the Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby Protestors

How the Hobby Lobby Decision Affects Us All

The Hobby Lobby decision has implications that reach much further than most predict. Reactions run strong in the wake of this week’s Burwell v.