How American Jewish Women Shaped American Culture: An Interview with Pamela S. Nadell

How American Jewish Women have left a legacy that reverberates across American history. For more than three and a half centuries, Jewish women have

Why Do Christians Hate The Girl Scouts?

Why Do Christians Hate The Girl Scouts?

Groups See Ulterior Motives in Those Cookies Many individuals accept the temptation of trying to just eat one Girl Scout Cookie or one box.

Rabbi Michael Shevack War or Warned

‘War or Warned,’ by Rabbi Michael Shevack

Rabbi Michael Shevack asks: Will the good and noble religions of the world stand up? This is a call, not quite desperate yet, but

woman wearing hijab and sunglasses

The Hijab is Radical Feminism

The hijab is empowering. In areas such as the United States where Islamophobia is growing rapidly, the hijab has become a highly politicized cloth.

Women Win Landmark Case on Prayer at Western Wall

Israel High Court rules in favor of women's prayer at Western Wall. Feminism in Israel scored a goal over sexist laws when a High

Newt Gingrich Releases Video Urging Christians to Fight "Totalitarian Secularism"

Newt Gingrich Releases Video Urging Christians to Fight “Totalitarian Secularism”

Newt Gingrich & David Lane to recruit 1,000 pastors for political positions to prevent "totalitarian secularism." Christian leaders in America are worried that America

MuslimGirl Teams Up with Teen Vogue to Dispel Misconceptions of Islam

MuslimGirl joined forces with Teen Vogue to tell what life is like for a Muslim girl in today's society. MuslimGirl was launched by a

Breakthrough Female Muslim Street Artist Challenges War and Stereotypes

Street Artist Shamsia Hassani: "I want to cover all bad memories of war from people’s minds with colors.” Shamsia Hassani has beaten all the

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks Among Young Women Finding Power in Witchcraft

Azealia Banks turned heads on Twitter again, openly discussing her religious beliefs as a practicing witch, a faith that has long promoted feminism. Recently,

Women Bishops

Church of England Votes to Allow Women Bishops

In an historic vote, the governing body of the Church of England voted Monday to allow women bishops within the church. This decision raises