Why Do Christians Hate The Girl Scouts?

Why Do Christians Hate The Girl Scouts?

Why Do Christians Hate The Girl Scouts?

Groups See Ulterior Motives in Those Cookies

Many individuals accept the temptation of trying to just eat one Girl Scout Cookie or one box. But some prominent Christian organizations and individuals believe that the Girl Scouts are secretly trying to undermine Christian ethics.

Why Do Christians Hate The Girl Scouts?[/tweetthis]

So, what is the problem?

There are three consistent points. First, they say the Girl Scouts promote sex for young girls. Second, the fact they give money away to groups like Planned Parenthood. Third, they say the group promotes a radical version of feminism that goes against how Christians view the role of women in society.

These are all wrong.

The fundamental misunderstanding is that there is centralized agenda for the Girl Scouts. While there are general concepts like supporting leadership, the Girl Scouts supports local troops having their independent interpretation of these concepts. But no evidence can be found that they support promiscuous sex for members.

There is the idea that Girl Scout cookie money is used to fund abortions. The Archdiocese of Kansas severed their relationship with the Girl Scouts because they believed that this funding was occurring. Again, no proof that this occurs. The Girl Scouts don’t give money to Planned Parenthood, nor do they officially support abortion or sexuality. As the chief executive of the organization said, “a box of Girl Scout Cookies is not a political statement.”

Finally, is the idea of supporting radical feminism. This happens when the Girl Scouts supports famous women leaders that may support an issue that Christians disagree with. This has led to “cookiecotts” where people refuse to buy cookies. But this misses the point. The idea is about leadership and prominence of women, not necessarily their views.

These attacks seem to be about an organization that does not explicitly support the exact agenda of Christian groups like the Family Research Council. The alternative these groups advocate is the American Heritage Girls. This organization is really the Girl Scouts with a fundamentalist Christian agenda. The Girl Scouts do not have to be a representation of this particular view of Christianity.

Until there is unequally truth that the Girl Scouts are a shadow organization brainwashing their 1.9 million young members then people should relax. Or not. Don’t buy the cookies. More for the rest of us.


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