Christian Facebook, Facegloria, is Created for Sin-Free Social Media

The growing concern that Facebook is becoming a haven for violence, pornography, and profanity has triggered a group to come up with a Christian

Vishjavit Singh

Sikh Man in Facebook Ad Perfectly Responds to Racism

Vishavjit Singh, the Sikh Captain America, was featured in a recent Facebook ad, but many responded with hateful comments. His reaction was beautiful. Facebook

Pope Social Media Technology

Vatican Urges Catholics to Use Social Media to Improve Connection and Community

A Vatican expert on social media has stated that Catholics should intentionally give the internet "soul." Pope Francis spreads the Word through Twitter. Monsignor

Losing My Religion On Facebook

Exploring the Social Implications of Changing Religious Beliefs

Former Southern Baptist preacher, Jason Eden, explains his change in religious beliefs and coming out publicly about it on Facebook in the article "Losing