The Vatican Believes Demons Make You Watch Porn

The Vatican Thinks Demons Might be Making You Watch Porn

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Why Are Exorcisms Making a Comeback?

Why Are Exorcisms Making a Comeback?

Both Individuals and the Catholic Church believe demonic possession is on the rise. Do you know someone speaking in a language they don’t know?

Devil is Real and Really Polite Says Pope

Satan is Real and Really Polite Says Pope

Pope Francis Argues Satan Is More Intelligent Than Humans That person that opens the door or offers to buy you food might have ulterior

2 different colored rosaries

Exorcist Says That ‘Satanic’ Fake Rosaries Are Bringing Evil Spirits into Homes of Catholics

Masonic medals are also suspect Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi, an exorcist, has made the claim that Illuminati Satanists are busy distributing rosary beads.[/tweetit] Catholics, unaware

How to Determine the Difference Between Mental Illness and Demonic Possession

An exorcist explains how to spot a real demonic possession. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (paragraph 1673), exorcism is the process

Catholic Church Now Struggles to Keep Up With Exorcism Demand

Catholic Church Now Struggles to Keep Up With Exorcism Demand

The Catholic Church received 500,000 requests for exorcisms in 2015. When anyone utters the word 'exorcism', the first thing that comes to the mind

Hecklers Attempt Exorcism on Ted Cruz

An exorcism on Ted Cruz in New Hampshire was attempted by two hecklers. Two hecklers armed with a wooden cross and mirrors interrupted a

Why Are Exorcisms More Popular Than Ever?

Theology professor Joseph Laycock presents some reasons why exorcisms remain so popular. When science started to explain how life on Earth actually evolved, religion

‘The Vatican Tapes’ – An Epic Battle Between Good and Evil

With a scheduled US release date of May 22, 2015, Lionsgate hopes to put audiences on the edge of their seats with a new

Catholic Exorcism Video Posted on YouTube

A video has been released online that shows a snippet of an exorcism which was being performed on a woman in a Catholic Church