Devil is Real and Really Polite Says Pope

Satan is Real and Really Polite Says Pope

Devil is Real and Really Polite Says Pope

Pope Francis Argues Satan Is More Intelligent Than Humans

That person that opens the door or offers to buy you food might have ulterior motives, at least according to Pope Francis. Pope Francis recently said in an interview that Satan is real and “he always pretends to be polite… that’s how he enters your mind.”

Satan is Real and Really Polite Says Pope[/tweetthis]

The Pope made it clear he believes the Devil is a real entity that uses persuasion and kindness to lead individuals to temptation. His solution? Tell Satan “to go away.”

Pope Francis has repeatedly expressed belief in the physical manifestations of evil and the Devil. He has vastly increased the number of exorcist and exorcisms. He has warned his parishioners and priests to be wary of mental health effects that may actually be possessions by demons. He has also warned that the Devil could come disguised as an angel.

Satan is not described in the Bible. So it is unclear where Pope Francis is receiving his description of the Prince of Darkness as the Prince of Kindness.

Religious analysts explain that the Manicheanism of Pope Francis is based on his Jesuit beliefs. Jesuits deeply believe in St. Ignatius of Loyola, who had the ability to see good and bad spirits.

Pope Francis’s statements about the supernatural usually get less coverage than his political and social stances. In fact, the Pope is typically portrayed as a social justice warrior that is working to modernize the Catholic Church.

Since the Devil can take any form, is kind, and can possibly take the form of a holy figure, there is not sufficient information how any practicing Catholic can discern who is an emissary of evil.


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