Catholic Exorcism Video Posted on YouTube

VID: Exorcism Captured Through Church Keyhole

A video has been released online that shows a snippet of an exorcism which was being performed on a woman in a Catholic Church in the Czech Republic.

The actual event occurred in February of this year, but it is only now that the footage has reached most people through its dissemination on the internet. The priest who performed the exorcism, Marek Dunda, has since confirmed that the exorcism video is real and not faked, and does in fact capture a moment during an exorcism that he was performing.

The video was filmed by Daniel Trochta, who was not actually part of the ritual. As he heard the woman screaming he went over to The Assumption of the Virgin Mary church in Vranov nad Dyji to see what was happening. Placing his video camera by a peephole in the church, he captured the footage. Viewers are advised to watch it with caution, as many may find it distressing.

An exorcism is a Catholic ritual that is designed to remove a demon or Satan from the body of a living human being. It is believed that these spirits take over a person’s body without their consent, and remove their ability to control their own body and make decisions. In a typical exorcism, the person is held down while a priest repeats a holy prayer over them. Screaming is typical because it is believed that the spirit or demon does not want to leave the person’s body.

Within the Catholic Church there are around 500 official exorcists, and most of them work in Latin America and in Eastern Europe. The Vatican has recently held a conference on exorcisms, as there are fears amongst Catholic monks and Catholic nuns that there has been a rise in demon possessions in the last few years.


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