Hecklers Attempt Exorcism on Ted Cruz

Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
An exorcism on Ted Cruz in New Hampshire was attempted by two hecklers.

Two hecklers armed with a wooden cross and mirrors interrupted a Cruz campaign event. They tried to do an exorcism on the Republican presidential nominee. Their excuse: Ted Cruz is being controlled by a demon. The incident happened at Raymond in New Hampshire.

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One heckler called out to Cruz from the door itself, asking him to look at the mirror and allow the evil spirit to depart, thus leaving the demonic soul behind. The demonic soul is power hungry, the two said, while holding a cross and a mirror.

Ted Cruz was unfazed. His first suggestion was that the two hecklers were from the Bernie Sanders campaign camp. Sanders is a Vermont senator who is angling for a Democratic nomination for presidency. The Cruz supporting crowd booed the two. The Republican candidate then quipped that left leaning individuals do not have a belief supporting God's existence. The two hecklers declined to identify themselves to the assembled media.  They, however, later explained why they came to the Cruz campaign.

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One of the hecklers said that they believed it is important to banish the evil spirit and they hope that their efforts will bear fruit. One even made the body motion that his stomach is in pain and he was sick in that organ. They said that it is extremely hard to stay in the same room Cruz stays. It is thus natural that the disgusting evil spirit must be exorcized. The hecklers said there is a good reason as to why the body of Cruz looked so disgusting and haggard. They also mentioned Cruz's face, which they thought to appear gross and weathered. The two mentioned that it is hard to even look at that face.

The reason for such a horrible experience, according to the two hecklers, is that Cruz is under the possession of a demon. They added that it is extremely hard to understand how it is possible to stay in a room where such an evil is present. This evil is extremely deep rooted. It may also have to confront its own being.

The media covering the event posted a video of the two hecklers as they left the event, with one even retching like he will vomit. A national newspaper discovered that one protester appeared eerily similar to a man who had interrupted a Trump campaign to term him “boring.” 


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