Donald Trump signing document

An American Muslim on the Executive Order Banning Muslims

Featured Contributor Shehla Ahmad says there are many aspects of the executive order which need to be examined. Should we close our doors on

The Muslim World Needs an Islamic State of Mind, Not Territory

Confronted by this dangerous crisis of leadership, what is the majority of the Muslim community to do if it cannot rely on its leadership?

Nusrat Qadir Fear vs Extremists

Fear versus the Extremists: The Rhetoric of Hate Must End

Featured Contributor Nusrat Qadir implores Americans to counter fear and hate by inviting Trump and his followers to learn more about True Islam. Recently

Berlin ISIS Protest

Muslims Worldwide Hate ISIS, Finds New Study

Millions of Muslims hold unfavorable opinion of terrorist group ISIS. In a Pew Research Center survey which considered opinions from countries whose populations were

Kidnapped priest

Kidnapped Priest Gets a Little Help from a Muslim Friend & Escapes ISIS

Catholic kidnapped Priest from Syria escapes ISIS with the help of a Muslim friend. Father Jacques Mourad, a Syrian Catholic priest, has escaped from

Why the Sharia Law Is So Dangerous for Our World

Image: collage featuring a photo by Thomas Leuthard via CC 2.0 Featured Contributors Abdur Rab and Hasan Mahmud explain how Sharia Law completely violates