Christian-led Prayer

Arizona City Council Votes to Only Allow Christian Prayer Before Meetings

Decision to favor Christian prayer will likely cause constitutional problems and lawsuits. A city council of Arizona is debating on whether it should introduce

Preet Didbal Swearing In

Historic Achievement for First Sikh Councilwoman, Preet Didbal, in California

Preet Didbal, a Sikh woman, has been elected as a city council member in Yuba City, California.  She is the first Sikh woman to

Kelly McCauley Huntsville Atheist

Atheist and Wiccan Prayers Are Welcomed at Huntsville, AL City Council Meeting

Huntsville, Alabama City Council begins to welcome non-traditional invocations led by an Atheist and Wiccan. The United States of America has been called a

Atheist Prayers City Council Meetings

Should Atheist Prayers Lead City Council Meetings?

In light of a recent Supreme Court decision, some are leading campaigns to hold Atheist prayers at the start of city council meetings. In