Mormon Women's Conference

Mormon Women Pleased With Small Changes to Their Role…

photos: Rick Egan, The Salt Lake Tribune Mormon women are surprised as LDS President alters wording to be Read More

Verlene Cheeseboro. Photo credit,

Verlene Cheeseboro, The Scientology Minister Bringing Scientology To Harlem

Verlene Cheeseboro is pastor of Harlem’s Church of Scientology. Verlene states that she believes in religious tolerance as Read More

Kelly McCauley Huntsville Atheist

Atheist and Wiccan Prayers Are Welcomed at Huntsville, AL…

Huntsville, Alabama City Council begins to welcome non-traditional invocations led by an Atheist and Wiccan. The United States Read More

Lust Map

Kansas State Geographers Map The Bible’s ‘Seven Deadly Sins’

A team of Geographers from Kansas State University plotted the 7 deadly sins on a map of the Read More